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Who We Are

We are a group of expats, travel enthusiasts, and globally conscious people that have over 20 years in international travel, global communications and education within our professions

Passport For Change was founded in 2021 in recognition of the negative narratives and limiting ideas that are imposed on black and brown youth. As a result, the founder gathered a group of like-minded professionals to shift existing narratives by exposing youth to a completely new global perspective.

The board members represent a wide variety of professional fields, disciplines, sectors, organization types, and geographies. All members represent the community they want to serve. They are African/Caribbean Americans who are avid travelers, travel enthusiasts and/or former expats. The experiences of the board members abroad have been transformative and have allowed them to separate themselves from the limiting beliefs others have placed on them. Instead, they have developed the self-assurance needed to take calculated chances that allow them to live their lives as they want. 

Our Strategy

Passport for Change created its first strategic plan framework spanning from 2023-2025. The goals for this plan are: 

  • Create a plan to get its programs up and running

  • Build a curriculum and organization driven by its values 

  • Build consensus on a set of priorities, goals, and strategies to operationalize the organization's curriculum

Meet the Founder & Board Members

Nyra Constant

Founder/Board Member

200by200 profile pic.png

Nyra Constant is an intentional global connector. With her entrepreneurial cape, she flies around the world entertaining, educating, coaching, and challenging people to break through their limiting beliefs; have new experiences, and create bonds with their global neighbors. Nyra has spent almost ten years living a dynamic and colorful expatriate life. Her passion for teaching through innovative products and services is what gets her up every morning. She holds a Masters in Teaching from the University of Southern California.

Nyra is also the host of Global Connecting with Nyra Constant Podcast which talks with expatriates from around the world about how they unlocked their journey to becoming a living passport for self-discovery, connection, and change. Within the mission of this podcast, Nyra has launched the #196BlackExpats Campaign that will chronicle the movements of black and brown expats in every country on the planet – We Everywhere.

Her Motto: Your Passport is your high ticket to self-discovery and freedom. 

Maurice Foley

Board Member

MFoley Headshot.jpg

Harry Kennedy III

Board Member

Bio_photo (1)_edited.jpg

Harry is a Black American Expat, and he’s been living abroad in Belgium for 4 years. He’s originally from Dayton, Ohio but was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. He obtained a B.S. degree from the University of Cincinnati, and he has 8 years of experience working as an IT Administrator for Cold Jet, a manufacturing company based in Cincinnati. In fact, the company he works for unexpectedly launched his expat experience from what was seemingly a joke. Outside of his career, Harry loves to travel and learn languages. He currently speaks: Flemish (Dutch), French, and Spanish at conversational levels, and he plans on learning more in the future. He wants to be able to reach people in their native language if they don't speak mine.Outside of the travel and language space, Harry loves to watch football and basketball. He also has interests in other areas including reading, self-improvement, politics, and he’s involved in a few entrepreneurial endeavors.

Maurice is the Founder & CEO of Black Travel Expo. Maurice was born in Bermuda and has been traveling the world since the age of 6. As an expat, he has traveled to all 7 continents and loves the adventures of travel. He has made it his mission to see the world as much as possible. He is an entrepreneur with businesses in travel, real estate development, property management, and event management. He is the founder of the Black Travel Expo; a groundbreaking annual travel platform for people of color who are travel consumers, industry leaders, entrepreneurs, influencers, and travel enthusiasts. He loves various competitive sports, however has a keen interest in formula 1 racing. Maurice has a B.A. degree in communications and a M.A. degree in management and over 20 years of corporate experience in client retention and finance. He is passionate about travel and continues to make significant contributions within the travel industry.

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